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Fear of the dentist

Tandartsen aan de Herengracht (TadH) deals with this daily. Let’s be honest, nobody likes going to the dentist but a real fear of the dentist can be problematic. Avoiding the dentist can result in serious, painful complaints which force you to go to the dentist as a last resort. An unpleasant treatment is inevitable which, in turn, feeds your fear of the dentist.

This makes the six-monthly check-ups very important. The dentist can spot potential problems and treat them, preventing a small cavity developing into the need for a crown, an extraction or a root-canal treatment.

However, sometimes an extensive treatment is unavoidable. If you are terrified of undergoing invasive procedures you have the option of a premedication like dormicum. Dormicum (active ingredient: Midazolam) is a muscle relaxant, has sedative properties and makes you feel a bit dozy. It puts you into sleep/slumber mode.

Children who are scared of the dentist

We advise parents to take their children to the dentist at a very early age. This way the children can develop a positive relationship with one of our dentists. This helps to dissipate the fear. The dentist has a little chat with the child to get to know him/her so that, when it comes to examining the child’s teeth, they are not some stranger.

The Tandartsen aan de Herengracht  team are familiar with all types of dentistry. This means; fillings, teeth whitening, six-monthly check-ups and dental hygiene but also the more invasive procedures like root canal treatments, extractions, crowns and prostheses. We offer a comprehensive package which means you are not forced to visit other clinics for certain treatments. You can get everything done by your own dentist, at our clinic.

Tadh offers you:

  • Personal service
  • Highly experienced dentists
  • Crystal-clear explanation of the treatment

If you’re looking for a dentist in Amsterdam you’re at the right address. Scared of the dentist? Give us a call and talk it over with the telephonist.