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Guido van West is a general dentist as well as being an qualified implantologist, recognised by the NVOI (the Dutch Association of Oral Implantology).

He is a member of the NOVI in order to guarantee the quality of his work and to stay abreast with new developments. In October 2011 Guido applied for re-registration as an implantologist. The application was approved by means of a visit and assessment by two of his peers and Guido is now registered as a recognised implantologist for another 5 years. There is a list of recognised and registered implantologists on the NVOI website.

But what does implantology involve?

Implantology aims to replace one or more teeth with implants. Implants are artificial roots, mostly made from titanium. These modern, highly reliable implants are usually installed into the jawbone by the dentist. TadH uses the Ankylos brand.

Once the implant has bonded with the bone the dentist can replace the missing teeth.

  • To replace a single tooth the dentist fits a crown onto the implant.
  • To replace several adjacent teeth, the dentist, after consulting with the client, fits a bridge or a removable prosthesis.
  • To replace a complete set of teeth the dentist uses permanently anchored dental implant bridges or removable over-dentures. The prosthesis is anchored to the implants by abutments (connecting elements), either ball abutments or cylindrical titanium abutments. 


Nederlandse vereniging voor orale implantologie